Beg (Songs of Submission, # 1) - C.D. Reiss Let me get two things out of the way: I write in this genre and I dislike reading first person. I feel uncomfortable rating and reviewing things in my genre because I could be pimping a friend or kicking heads as I scramble my way up the ladder. I decided to review this anyway because I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.

I've also read quite a bit erotica/erotic fiction of the BDSM variety the past year or so. You sort of get immune to it. You need something a bit more; a bit different. I read this one in particular because a friend here on goodreads gave it a very glowing and enthusiastic review, and I'm glad I paid attention.

This is a hot and sexy novella and I can't wait to have a few hours alone to continue with the next. I very rarely love a heroine, but I loved Monica. The chemistry between she and Jonathan made me blush at times and that was very refreshing for me. This book reminded me why I like to write and what I like to read. Intense dialog is pretty much my kink, and C.D. Reiss has me reevaluating my opinion about first person.