The Immortality Clause (The Immortelle #1) - Abigail Hawk,  V.L. Dreyer I had the honor of beta reading for this and I had to actually take my editing hat off because I enjoyed the story so much. The world of the Immortelle has so many possibilities and The Immortality Clause just scratches the surface. It gives us glimpses of the implications of such a world, but just enough to want more.

I realize that at the center of this story was the love story, and I like that this particular Universe wasn't overshadowed by it, but enhanced. The hero is indeed sexy, but the part I found compelling about him was that he wasn't quite jaded yet. He was still naive to his world, though he had an important part. You could feel him clawing for his humanity still, and he ultimately found that with the heroine.

I also like that my time wasn't wasted on too many pages of flowery romance. There was a point that I was concerned, when their relationship seemed at its plateau, but then we read of the heroine's transformation and the possibilities that brought forth. We are treated to another facet of this other world that I really can't wait to read more about.

Another thing that I really enjoyed, is nudging in a bit of history, ancient and modern. I really hope this is a constancy in this series because it makes it so much richer to me. This is my favorite genre and anymore, you have to be more and more creative, but you have to hook the reader on the incredulous, and the author does this flawlessly.

And I found myself Googling Auckland and did you know? It's not just Hobbits in New Zealand. I did not know that. :P